Thursday, February 10, 2011

My look of the day.

Here is a look I did with only 3 eyeshadows. Thats right, only 3!

Its a neutral look for me lol.

I used:
MAC's Old Gold pigment on the lid.
Glamour Doll Eyes in Chocoholic on the crease
Sassy Minerals in Dedicated on the brow.

Oh, and soon I will be doing a review... or more of a RAVE on Sassy's Minerals especially Dedicated. Coming soon!

Yay more shots!

I finally got an ok camera and will have loads of fun posting pics now :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hey MAC...

Your pigmets are over-priced.
How could it be that you slashed away half the product and kept the price the same?
Thats absolutely ridiculous.

Today I went with an open mind to a MAC counter at Dillards and decided I wanted to purchase a pigment. I said, 'Hey, even the new tiny size, this'll last me forever' I said.
So I get there and actually hold the measly little jar and suddenly 19.50 dollars for that just seems laughable.