Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little look I did today.

Today I went to a cute ballet, and decided I would dress up my eyes.
The awesome boy I went with was wearing a neat blue shirt with a yellow collar, and decided I would match to that with my makeup.

Example 1:

I did a pretty severe look lol. I like the wings I did at the corners of my eye.
Grrrr I wish my camera was of better quality...

Example 2:

That is what they look like from the front. I like the golden yellow and the blue. I didn't want to blend the colors too too much since I didn't want to create a green affect.

Ooooh I like this shot.

Products used:

-Urban Decay Primer Potion as... well, the primer lol.
-Wet 'n' Wild Idol Eyes cream shadow pencil in Pixie
-On the inner corners of my eyes: Lime Crime Magic Dust in Circus Girl
-On lid: High Voltage Cosmetics in Glam Rock
-On outer eye (the wing) Taylor Made Minerals in Pop.
-Brow Highlight: Glamour Doll Eyes in Angel Wings

Yay! Ok have a great day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hey Everyday Minerals, where'd your sample shadows go?!

We all know about Everyday Minerals, their wide range of foundation shades ( I myself use Olive Medium semi-matte during summer, Light Olive in the original glo during the winter )

Something I absolutely loved about EM is their eyeshadows. They have a creamy feel to them even though they are loose powders, and the colors are beautiful original colors.
See, EM was the first mineral makeup company I ever ordered from. Of course being the bargain hunter that I am, placed a small order for 2 samples. Cypress and Twilight Kiss (discontinued but gorgeous color). I was really pleased, and ordered more and more samples and decided to get a full size of 4 shadows.

My curiosity got the better of me and I began to explore other companies, next using BFTE cosmetics. I ordered samples, and since I was a MM beginner I was expecting to get what I had gotten from Everyday Minerals, a full 5 gram jar or product as it used to be with the samples, but... I just got a timy smidgen of eyeshadow! I was shocked when I compared my BFTE full size shadow to a SAMPLE EM shadow and realized I payed 6.50 for a 5 gram jar at BFTE when I payed 2.50 at EM for the same size! A full size EM shadow is  a 10 gram jar for around 6-7.50 a shadow. Hmmm...

SO  I happily remained with EM, ordering my samples, and buying the big one after. It was aweeeesome.

One day I wanted to try out their 'Butterfly Kisses' shadow, and happily looked for it....
What's this?
Travel Size?
Roller Ball?
N.. no no, Samples, please.

*hits refresh twice, starts to panic*


*Passes out*

Ok maybe I exeggerated a bit, but not by a lot.

I loved the samples, and I want them back :( There are so many EM shadows I want to try but I want a sample before I commit :(
I emailed the company like 4 times asking why they discontinued samples, but I just get the same message.
The samples are gone :(

I suppose there is a good reason, perhaps ecomonical, I don't know. All I know is that I miss them.
The EM value is still the best in the internet mineral makeup game I believe. A 10 gram jar for around 6.50? Awesome.

Maybe one day they'll make their comeback, but until then, I'll just have to grow fond of the little rollerball.