Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Review.

Like many girls surfing the video waves of the Youtube beauty community, I was drawn to a company called Glamour Doll Eyes. So many awesome gurus have rave reviews on the company, so I figured I would check it out. Sure enough, I was absolutely drawn into the pretty colors and the pretty low prices...
About 1.50 for a sample baggie,
2.50 for a sample 5 gram jar, and 6.00 for a full size.

I placed my order on September 22nd, and recieved it on October 7th.... About a 2 week wait.
I was curious as to why it took so long to recieve my products, so I went back on the site to see what was up! Apparently, the owner of the company, Vee, runs the entire company by herself  meaning that she does all of the mixing of the eyeshadows by herself.
Girl, hire some help.
I understand, as I have also had experience in the business world that hiring employees drains a lot of profit, but honestly I think the company would benefit from having the extra help. Not only would the orders be filled quicker, but customers really appreciate their things getting there sooner which means... MORE BUSINESS ^ - ^
Also what may also contribute to the sluggish shipping of Glamour Doll is that on the site it states that Vee mixes your shadows as soon as you order so that the product is "fresh" ....
Uh, so you mean that you have no made shadows in stock? None? No pre-filled jars? No?
Geez, no wonder it takes so long to get the product. In the time they're mixed, packaged, labels printed and shipped, I'll be close to my menopause! <----- (exaggeration alert) hehe.
But seriously, I wouldn't mind a shadow that has been around for a few weeks, as long as I can get it quicker and I am sure many people would agree.
The shadows came in a normal yellow envelope without bubble wrap, and the lids secured on with a strip of tape.... And I didn't get any samples :(

OK so we're done reviewing the shipping, now onto....

*The Shadows*
OMG so after being a little annoyed at the slow shipping, I was excited once again as soon as I opened the jars of shadow. They are so pretty, the jars themselves topped with a cute sticker with the name of the shadow. I ordered 4 shadows,
Electric Lemonaide- Shimmery bright yellow shadow.
Angel Wings- Pretty shimmery white, great used as a highlight
Pinky Swear- Best. Pink. Ever.
Tattooed- A gorgeous bluish purple with low shimmer.

The shadows are silky and wonderfully pigmented even when I swatched without a base, and the were pretty long lasting. I've been testing these babies out for about a week and I can honestly say that I really like these shadows. My favorite of the bunch is Tattooed, which I must say is a pretty unique shade. A little goes a long way with these, they're super silky and not chalky at all.
The only one I had a slight problem with was Angel Wings, which kind of just turns into shimmer and no white color after a few hours. Other than that, greatness!

So in conclusion:

Would I order from them again?
Its likely. Only thing that stops me is the shipping.

Product Rating?
4 out of 5

*Overall Rating*
3 out of 5

Thanks so much for reading!
Have an awesome day... Or night. Whatever! Just be happy and stuff k ^ - ^

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