Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 makeup 'IF's' that would be awesome.

1. If Fyrinnae made an eye primer. This would make me cry tears of joy. Fyrinnae products are teh awesome.

2. If MAC pigments were less expensive.

3. If Sugarpill cosmetics made cream shadows.

4. If TKB hadn't have discontinued their POP micas....

5. If indie companies offered pressed eyeshadows.

Ah, a girl can dream can't she?

I'm sure Fyrinnae will someday come out with an eye primer that will blow all the rest out of the water. All of their other products are amazing. I know they can do it.

MAC i'm sure wont be lowering their prices any time soon. If ever. Their pigments are all I care for since the pressed shadows I have tried are quite frankly very chalky and not outstanding in any way. Some Revlon shadows I own are way better.

Sugarpill is on the rise and we all know it. I am eagely awaiting new products. I can only hope creams will follow.

POPs are gone everyone. Nobody knows why exactly. This could be a terrible blow to many indie companies. IDK why the manufacturer discontinued it. They're dumb! That was probably the best selling item :(

I know at one point Glamour Doll Eyes was advertising pressed eyeshadows, but after the initial press I never heard of them again. Instead they came out with an 80's collection... Hmmm. Reformulation? Perhaps we'll see them pop up soon. I'd absolutely love to try them out.

K see ya guys!


  1. I think geek chic cosmetics does some pressed shadows, as does bella sugar cosmetics on etsy. Check them out! :)

  2. Fyrinnae used to have an eye shadow primer in fair and deep skintone shades 2-3 years ago but discontinued it. (Thank you though!)

    Some Indie companies do offer pressed shadows. Most don't because, aside from it being a very time consuming process if you don't have a big pressing machine, final pressed colours are not nearly as complex as a loose shadow.

  3. Great post! I have so many Makeup Ifs myself!

  4. Dear Ki,
    Thanks for the tip! I'll keep it in mind :)

    Ahhhhhhh! Omg yay Fyrinnae replied *faints*
    Ahem... Aww I had no idea! I discovered Fyrinnae thanks to Sirvinya's vids like in October and I've been in love since lol.

    Hi Catanya! I would love to read your Makeup Ifs someday :) Thank you for becoming the second person following me, it means a lot!

  5. DarkHeartDesigns on Etsy does make pressed shadows in quads, but they aren't always up on her site. She said there hadn't been much demand for them, but if requested...

    And yeah, it is time-consuming. It can take a couple of days for eyeshadow to really 'set' once pressed. And the colours aren't always as wonderful-seeming once pressed, either. I can't imaging a pressed Midna, although maybe it'd be like EVERYTHING IS BEARS, which I saw a similar take on at Ulta. (Both of those are from ShiroCosmetics, btw.)

    It would also be amazing if I found an indie mineral foundation that didn't break out my skin, AND didn't come from Orglamix. I need to figure out who her 'private label' people are and buy directly from them!

  6. I can't wait to see what else Sugarpill is going to come up with. Hopefully there will be more pressed shadows in the future. I looooooves my cakes.

  7. Me too I can't wait! I bet that in the future they'll come out with a bunch of beautiful pressed shadows that are more complex... Or at least thats what I hope!
    I want creams from them because I think they'd be awesome like paint pots, but probably in more daring colors!
    Ah a girl can dream...