Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evil Shades. Quick thoughts and experience!

I had been curious about Evil Shades and finally was able to place an order for a couple of samples. Seriously, I only ordered 2 samples lol.

The samples I ordered were:

Heartless Queen- A intense matte red with silvery glitters.

Venom- Super silky shimmery black.

as a freebie I got was Coffin, and its a beautiful coppery bronze.

So as far as shipping costs, they're very reasonable. I paid about 1.53 or so for shipping. I placed my order on the 16th of March and recieved a shipping notice March 29th, and got my shadows April 3rd.
So shipping is not the quickest out there, but she clearly states that on the site in big letters, so I wasn't bugged in the least.

They come in the cutest little clamshell pods! Many people have issues opening them, but I just open them slowly and I lose no product when I open :) You get quite the bit of product as well. Maybe its not too too much in the sample, but since its in a container rather than a baggie, you get full use of your shadow sample.


I will place a larger order next time and let you know how that goes!

Till next time my cupcakes. 

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