Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Sexy Red

This was a fun look to do, very simple as well.

1. Always prime your eyelids please, it makes a big difference. (Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

2. I used a creamy white base to grab on to the loose shadows. (Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk)

3. I applied a light pink in the inner third of the lid. Blend it well, the pink is just there to help the red blend better and make it less harsh looking when we go ahead and apply the rest of the shadows. (Detrivore Cosmetics 'Death Valley')

Here it gets a little trickier but bear with the mmkay.

4. Take a brown color and apply a line following the natural curve of your eye. In other words, cut your crease. But were not doing the severe line here, blend it out, make sure it fades nicely. (I used Coconut Grove by NARS)

5. Use your favorite matte red and with a shader brush apply the red to your mobile lid and blend it towards the brown color. Don't stop blending until you're happy with the fade of the colors. (I used Heartless Queen by Evil Shades)

6. Next, apply a highlight. Again, I am using a white instead of a color that matches my skin more closely because I feel more extravegant with a white lol. (MAC Guesso)

7. Apply a light silver to the inner corner of your lids to make the makeup pop. (Lime Crime's Mirror Mirror)

8. Apply your primer to your lower lash line. Next, apply a vivid purple color there. (GDE Tattooed)

9. Line your eyes and add mascara as usual and Viola!

Have fun with your makeup!

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