Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Dream.

To do this look I:

1: Primed the lid.

2. Added a green cream base (Inglot green cream eyeliner)

3. I mixed a matte shadow and a bright green shadow to create a pastel shadow (white:MAC's Guesso. Green:Stila Palm)
I patted the color on my lid and all the way up to my crease in an upside down U shape. Blend!

4. Take a matte or shimmery forest green eyeshadow and blend on the outer V and into the crease, but very lightly, making sure you don't hide the pastel green with too much forest green.  (Maybelline forest green  eyeshadow from the new 5 color palette)

5.Time to highlight. Usually to highlight I like to use a flesh toned shadow, but today I went all out and used a frosty white. (Angel Wings by Glamour Doll Eyes) Blend down, making sure you erase any obvious line between the forest green and the white.

6. Blend some more ^ - ^
Remember that blending really is key to making any look appear more polished and awesome.

You're done with the eyeshadows! Six easy steps and you'll look like a million bucks.
Usually I would apply mascara or lashes, but since I'm going to remove this, I'll just omit this step.

 Have a nice day :)

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