Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics... Stuff.

Okay so everyone and their mama has heard of BFTE cosmetics.
I first heard of them from an online beauty forum that posted about inexpensive makeup.
SO I checked out the site and was blown away by all of the colors! Too many pretty colors make a girl go crazzzzyyy.
So my first order I got 2 samples that cost 2 dollars each.

Spoiled: Gorgeous ocean teal.
Vamp: Seriously sexy warm red with golden sparkle.
Big Ego: Dark purple with insane color payoff and reddish shimmer.
Nebula: Forest green with silver shimmer. Looks blackish when applied. Nice crease color :)

They came in a 3 gram jar with a bit of product, which is just fine with me because little goes a long way.

Okay, also a neat thing that BFTE has is that they have a program called "Color of the week" Which is basically a full sized jar at a sample jar price, the only catch is that its always a random color AND you are only allowed to get one jar.
Thats okay though, its still awesome.
With that program I was able to get:

Karma: Shimmery Purplish pink.
Isis: Deep red that turns rusty cherry red when spread out.

The main problem I had with Spoiled, Isis and Karma was that they made my eyelid itch like CRAZY! I had to take it off during work because it was really itching bad. When I took the colors off I wouldn't have any redness but I hated that. I don't use those colors because of that which is a real shame since they're so pretty.
I don't have sensitive skin, and other similar colors from other companies don't make my eyelid itchy... So thats weird.

The free sample I got was nice, it was:
Tangerine: A bright orange with orangey sparkle.


I believe shipping is flat rate of 4 dollars. They come in a yellow envelope with bubble wrap and a free sample and a cute business card :)
Shipping is super quick, with both orders they came within about 4 days. 
Customer service is awesome! I accidentally used the wrong zip code on an order and emailed them to correct the problem. They replied quickly within a few hours and fixed my blunder! Yay!
Not bad :)

Okay guys well that is my quick review on BFTE, I hope it was helpful and stuff :)

See ya! Keep being sweet and pretty!

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