Sunday, December 19, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics. Review!

As an addict of loose mineral shadows, I am constantly in search of the perfect mix of slip, wear, vibrancy, and of course, COLOR!!! ^ _ ^

My search has led me to a company I came cross while doing a random browse. May I introduce you to High Voltage Cosmetics :)
The site is really helpful when it comes to selecting the colors you want since they have swatches of each color on skin, which I greatly prefer to just a picture of the color. They have a section that is purely devoted to matte colors, which itself is not broken down into color categories.
Then you get to the shimmer section, which is broken down into categories such as Pinks and Reds, Greens and Teals, Blues and so forth.
I tried to pick out colors from all categories, to test out what they had.

So I placed my order then when they had a neat sale going on, it was get 5 full sized jars for 15 dollars!
Normally they cost 4.50 for most shades, which is still a great price, but being as I am a bargain hunter, I knew the time was upon me to try. Shipping was extremely reasonable, I believe it was only $1.60 for 5 jars!
It had a notice on the site that stated there would be a 5-7 day wait to process plus shipping time, but to my surprise, my things got quicker than I had expected.
I ordered on the 7th, and got my shadows on the 13th, which made me very happy.

Now on the most important part! The shadows themselves!
I got five as I said before, they came in a yellow envelope with a cute personal note, which was a nice touch.  The jars come packed full to the top, without a sifter. I don't mind. I actually prefer no sifter since I can get to the goods faster.

I was blown away by each color I recieved as I swatched for the first time. All of them were so silky and the colors are so vibrant and true to color.

From left to right, you have on top of a Wet 'n' Wild cream pencil:
 Glam Rock- A gorgeous dark midnight blue with what seems to be red and blue and silver shimmer. Ah, so pretty!
StarBreaker: Bright chartreuse-lime color with multi colored shimmer.
 Rule Breaker: Pretty canteloupe orange.
Cocktail Party: Insane Turquoise aqua color.
Alter-ego- A deep purplish pink

Sorry my image quality is so kinda lacking, but I just had to show them!
Unlike many shadows, these don't fade after just a few hours, they stay true for a quite a time. They're very pigmented and soft and easy to work with. When used wet, they look so insanely pigmented and metallic, except for StarBreaker, I'n not quite sure why though :(

Here is a look I did using all five colors, I really liked doing it! hehe...

And another...
Here I just used Cocktail Party wet along with a brown. Look at how it pops!

Teehee, yes it got on my lashes! Hey! It was 5 in the morning! :) I might mix it into my mascara... I like it!

Well I hope you enjoy my review!

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