Sunday, December 12, 2010

My favorite YouTube beauty guru...

All4one1fourall is definitely my favorite! Charlene, you're so sweet and kind to your subscribers. You always do your thing and you don't care what anyone else says.

Thanks to you, I warmed up to Lime Crime and liked the products lol.
You're big grin always makes me smile along with you.

I like the cool color combos you come up with, they're really neat. Stuff I wouldn't think of lol.
My favorite thusfar is the Silver and Red look you did! I never would have thought of pairing red and silver! Geneus I say!

Lol, Thanks for being brave enough to make your videos. I know that there are many nasty folks floating around on the internet, but you seem to brush them off. That just shows what a strong charismatic person you are, which makes me appreciate your work even more. You're  really fun to watch, I actually feel happy when I see a new vid of yours in my sub box. :)

Well, I really hope you have an awesome day!

From your fan, LaTresLeches18.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You got me pegged. My husband was sitting here reading this and saying UHUH! LOL
    Hope its OK to Put a link up on my facebook. Hope you get lots of followers :D

  2. PS Alleluia is my email. Not sure why they posted my name that way. But its me Charlene LOL